Video & web design

project: Mock Trailer for Filmmaking Frenzy

In June 2012, my friends/colleagues and I learned of a filmmaking contest hosted by the Alamo Drafthouse theater and calling for fake trailers of movies about presidents and alternative/parallel professions (an homage to the move Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Though ultimately an exercise in extreme fiction, this project was fun – too fun – and has motivated me to start filming more. Editing more. Buying more equipment. Making fake blood. (Etcetera…)

project: socialize wise

I worked with a large team to produce an informational video about the dangers of drinking and safety tips for young adults. This video was created one week after the “4 Loko” incident in Roslyn, Washington. I performed research, organized film crews to obtain required visuals, wrote and recorded audio scripts and assisted in the film editing process which included the use of Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.


Here is a screen shot of the rough draft. The current online editors may have changed the design since I left in January 2012, it’s designed for flexibility (I left them with a site that they could expand on or minimize according to their quarterly resources).


One thought on “Video & web design

  1. Beau says:

    I liked the “wee weeeee” part the best. Most of the trailer was pretty sappy. See what I did there? Nicely done.

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